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PROFILE: Ricoh Europe's director of corporate comms Javier Diez-Aguirre

Javier-Diez Aguirre, director of corporate communications at Ricoh Europe, is the ultimate international marketer. Born in Pamplona, Spain, and having studied in America, London, Sweden and Germany, he says he believes his knowledge of other cultures and ways of life was a large part of the reason why he got his current job.

"There are big marketing differences between countries," he says. "We thrive on this mélange, these differences. Within our target of Fortune 500 companies, we can help reconcile some of these issues."

As well as his language skills and international background, he believes his experience with research, having a PhD in molecular biology under his belt, also stood in his favour. "I got into marketing through market research, which is about intuition. I think it should be a core capability for any marketer," he says. "The study of molecular biology also got me thinking about the impact of environments."