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RESEARCH: Accuracy failings dog third party B2B data

Accuracy is the number one concern for business marketers when buying third party data for marketing purposes, according to new research from B2B Marketing magazine, in association with Experian.

According to the research, 63 per cent of buyers cited 'accuracy' as their chief data concern, outstripping 'breadth of information on contacts' and 'compliance with data protection legislation' in second and third places by a considerable margin (18 and 15 per cent respectively).

Correspondingly 'more regular refreshment of data' was overwhelmingly top of buyers' wish lists for improvements that they would like to see clients make to their data (also cited by 63 per cent). Other potential improvements are apparently far less desirable (eg. 'clearer accreditation of providers and list sources', which was cited by 19 per cent).