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The rise in procurement and the nasty feeling we've just been had

Advertising people live on their wits. Yet when it comes to business and especially our business model we are collectively witless. This is because there is something terribly wrong with our business model and the truth is we know it but do nothing about it.

We give ideas away on the cheap and recover the income by charging for implementation. Whereas good ideas seem mystically rare with an intrinsic (if hard to pin down) value, implementation is merely a branch of good project management charged by the hour. Herein lies our downfall. Project management is an admirable, but easily replicable, function, which means you can hone it, unbundle it like a production line and do it oh so much cheaper.

Well the cat's well and truly out of the bag and procurement is beginning to show its claws, decoupling the art of idea creation from the craft of implementation, driving down the cost of the latter to the point where agencies just can't compete.