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Stand and deliver

Last month we saw the arrival – and departure – of the annual International Direct Marketing Fair (IDMF) in London.

For three days, Earls Court 2 was filled with thousands of marketers from all over the world discussing the latest developments and – I should point out – catching up on the gossip at one of the many bars! Every industry needs its own showcase event and although the IDMF has now been running for numerous years, attendance numbers remain high with many companies still considering it a 'must' for the diary.

This is just one yearly event that the marketing industry has to offer and I am sure that whichever sector you operate within, there are a multitude of trade events appearing on your calendar. Many suppliers consider these events essential, as do those who are loyal to the IDMF. However, in reality how many of these trade exhibitions really help companies achieve their end goal of reaching the SME audience or help them find the right suppliers?