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Staying ahead of the game

You would have thought that the Internet age, and the countless new media places it has spawned, would have forever disbanded the idea of media messages being prepared on a ‘one-size-fits-all' strategy.

By 4.34pm today, I had received 87 emails, about a third of which were ‘commercial' of some sort. I was out of the office first thing today and then I had lunch with a colleague from DNX and have therefore used my Windows mobile to access a good number of those emails. The sad fact is that my predisposition to delete commercial messages from my PDA has become two-fold. Not because I am out of the office per se, but because the EDM's I receive are indecipherable lists of links. At the very least, multipart message systems that recognise devices and send a text rather than an HTML version should be used. And further, thinking about how text only versions appear can be an art in itself to ensure greater interaction. It's time I think we all got a bit smarter on how to target people in different ways to the usual vertical/horizontal traditions.

But it's not just with email where we're not thinking laterally enough. Is your website optimised for mobile yet? We've just changed our agency site in such a way and it makes the mobile experience much much better. The page fits in my mobile window - it actually looks like it was built for the job (which of course it was!) rather than being a collection of graphics that disappear off the side of the screen.