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SURVEY: Demand generation awareness

The state of the economy is increasing B2B marketers' interest in the much-hyped subject of demand generation. This is the key finding of a recent survey conducted by B2B Marketing, in association with eMarket2, aimed at gauging practitioners' understanding and focus on this emerging approach to marketing. Three hundred B2B marketers responded to the survey, which was sent out by email in mid-August.

According to the results, two thirds of respondents agreed that the economy made the case for demand generation more compelling, whilst only two per cent said it made it less compelling (see Fig 3 – the remainder either stating 'no change' or 'don't know'). However, respondents did not agree that the economy was the primary reason for the increase in interest in this subject. The largest group said the growing focus of the CEO on ROI was the primary reason (27 per cent) whilst 'general acceptance as best practice' was cited as the second most popular reason (24 per cent). 'The economy' came a close third on 22 per cent.