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Tapping into the social network

Social networking. Everyone will have heard of Friendsreunited. But there are others: Friendster, Friendzy, Friendsyourway, Friendset, to list only those that include the word 'friend'! All of course share a common goal: to link communities, friends, and friends-of-friends to enable them to 'network', and grow their social circle based around some common interest.

The power of such sites has spawned new entrants to the market, taking a proven concept and making it better. is one such example, a site for creatives devised by creatives. But it has also given birth to a 'new' industry, taking the 'social' concept of networking and transplanting it into the business world. Welcome to Corporate Social Networking (CSN).

CSN is the reciprocal process of exchanging leads, recommendations, and other information through networks of established relationships to make business processes easier and more profitable. Those who engage in business networking tend to increase their number of referrals, strengthen their own name, their company name and their reputation. In short, it becomes an essential part of the sales and marketing process.