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Thought leadership as a competitive weapon

Thought leadership gets you noticed. It's one of the most important competitive weapons, particularly in B2B marketing. It works at every level. You can use it to influence key accounts, small businesses, business partners and the media.

Thought leadership generally takes the form of papers, conference presentations, interviews, research and associated media campaigns. It is targeted directly at customers, business partners, shareholders and other influencers and stakeholders, including government. It is also targeted at broadcast and printed media, ranging from the most general (such as national TV, radio and press) to the more specific (such as relevant trade press, whether sector or cross-industry).

Good thought leadership uses a variety of approaches, from launching new research results and conceptual thinking, to endorsement of an approach by business celebrities or other respected figures. Good thought leadership has what the PR industry calls “legs” – i.e. the story runs for a long time. It introduces or develops a theme that the relevant media and recipients of the message find of enduring interest, a theme which is open to further development or new angles.