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Wanted: B2B data gurus

I recently reviewed a research study carried out by Marketpoint that looked at how business people used its data-based sales information systems called Salespoint. These are used by many B2B clients to run their sales forces, allowing salespeople remote access to their sales databases, including pipeline management and many other features.

The research showed the importance of usability – in every sense of the term. It was used by Marketpoint to redesign many features of product. However, it also showed how critical the impact of usability was on use. If a salesperson can't use the system with absolute ease via their laptop or mobile device, then it won't be used. That's an old lesson, but meeting a salesperson's requirements is even harder today than it was years ago, because their expectations in regards to immediacy of access and updating have risen dramatically. I'm convinced this issue is one of the reasons why so many B2B companies still face problems with implementing an integrated sales and marketing policy.