38% of B2B salespeople describe relationship with marketing as ‘hit or miss’

More than a third of B2B salespeople admit their relationship with marketing is ‘hit or miss’, according to research from Televerde.

When asked to describe their relationship with marketing, 38% confessed their alliance is largely haphazard, with 33% claiming there’s a good level of healthy debate and discussion, and only 24% saying it’s a great partnership.

The main hindrance to sales and marketing alignment seems to be a lack of communication, with a staggering 44% of salespeople only meeting with their marketing peers on a monthly basis at best.

More encouragingly, 90% of sales professionals believe marketing has at least a reasonable understanding of the product set.

However, marketers ‘usually’ (45%) or ‘sometimes’ (36%) deliver on the tools/assets/activities promised.

Which marketing activities are most useful to sales?

When asked which tools and activities from marketing are most useful to sales, the most commonly cited assets were industry events, value proposition, and case studies.

Separate research by B2B Marketing and Cyance found marketers don't believe leads handed over to sales are followed up promptly.

The Televerde report comprised responses from more than 200 sales leaders who sell B2B products or services.

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