44% of marketers struggle with fragmented data

Nearly half of marketers, 44%, struggle with fragmented data across multiple databases, according to a B2B Marketing study.

The report – How the best achieve success (and what you can learn from the rest), published in association with the Mx Group – found 60% of marketers said their data is complete and accurate. But also said fragmented data is a multi-faceted problem, with nearly a quarter citing a lack of trained staff as an issue, along with a lack of integration with other systems.

When comparing the top and poor performers from the survey, all of the most successful said they have good data (100%), versus a comparatively small percentage of poor performers (27%).

The study also revealed how top performing marketers overcome these problems and implement new age methods in their marketing to achieve success.

Kellie de Leon, vice president of marketing and strategy at The Mx Group said: "In this report, there are some real lessons and insights marketers should consider as they plan for 2019, such as what areas you need to get aligned on with your sales team, and just how powerful personas are. 

"Some of what we learned from this report didn't surprise us, like the on-going challenges B2B marketers have fully integrating their MAP and CRM systems. But what the research did show is that the impact of this is major."  

How the best achieve success (and what you can learn from the rest)

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