49% of B2B marketers not concerned with omnichannel ROI

Measuring return on investment (ROI) from omnichannel marketing is not a priority for nearly half of B2B marketers, according to a report published by B2B Marketing and Sitecore.

In addition, just 21% of those that do measure ROI think it is very or quite effective: whereas 39% believe their metrics are quite or very ineffective, the poll of 211 B2B marketers found.

Marketers blamed lack of resources, poor technology integration and data issues as the top three barriers that prevented tracking being given a higher importance.

Jess Pike, senior editor at B2B Marketing, said: “For omnichannel to really come into its own and get buy-in from the board, it needs to be firstly prioritised and then measured.

"Omnichannel shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a huge departure from any other campaign when it comes to measurement: it’s about working out what counts and shunning vanity metrics."

The report is the third in a series examining how marketers can successfully implement omnichannel marketing in their organisation.

Embedding omnichannel into your marketing approach

In the third of a three-part report, carried out in association with Sitecore, we've sought to find out how marketers can embed and maintain a truly omnichannel approach.

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Embedding omnichannel into your marketing approach