65% of marcomms professionals unsatisfied in their jobs

Some 65% of marcomms professionals across the globe are unfulfilled by their roles, according to new research from LinkedIn.

Ranking 11th on the list of professions, marcomms practitioners trump bankers, dentists and pharmacists for work satisfaction, while chefs, HR consultants and lawyers take the top slots. 

Danielle Restivo, director, UK and global communications at LinkedIn, pointed out: “Having a fulfilling job can have a big impact on overall happiness and success at work, but it appears that career satisfaction is eluding thousands.” 

According to the Work satisfaction survey, ‘salaries and relationships’ and ‘feeling challenged and doing work that has a positive impact’ are the most commonly cited positive aspects of working in the field.  

However, these factors are not enough to ensure longevity: marcomms professionals plan on staying with their current employer for an average of 5.3 years – lower than the overall average of 6.7. 

Four in five respondents even admitted to being open to a new role if approached by a recruiter.

Salary is only a partial driver in this openness to jump ship: 71% of respondents said they would take a pay cut to be happier at work and 73% for better work-life balance.