69% of B2B marketers don’t test the customer experience

Over two-thirds of marketers are currently failing to test customer experience (CX), according to a report published by B2B Marketing and Sitecore.

Marketers’ ability to understand their customers was cited as one blocker to omnichannel marketing success, with 38% admitting they don’t regularly review the experience their customers have with their brand.

Another key barrier to the successful implementation of omnichannel was data, with 41% describing the quality of their customers’ data as just three out of five.

Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief and co-founder at B2B Marketing, said: “When it comes to CX, how can you really fathom your customers or prospects if you’re unable to get a sense of how they’re interacting with and viewing your brand?

“The testing of customer experience doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming – it can be as simple as calling your sales support team with a difficult query and seeing how they respond, or asking a friend to act as a mystery shopper on your company’s website.

“The key here is the need for a better understanding of the people you’re trying to nudge down the funnel – personas are a good place to start and will help ensure you’re on track when it comes to your omnichannel approach.”

Making omnichannel a reality in your organisation

In the second of a three-part report, carried out in association with Sitecore, we've sought to find out how marketers can overcome data- and CX-related challenges to embed and maintain a truly omnichannel approach.

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69% of B2B marketers don’t test the customer experience