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70% of marketers can’t act on attribution insights

Almost three-quarters of marketers are struggling to use the insights they get from marketing attribution, according to research by AdRoll.

The firm’s study, The State of Marketing Attribution 2017, found the proportion of those who said they don’t action the insights they get from attribution was 70% during this year, up from 57% in 2016.

But the survey did find the percentage of businesses using attribution modelling on the majority or all of their campaigns has risen from 31% in 2016 to 39% today.

The research identified the primary barrier for businesses not carrying out marketing attribution was lack of knowledge, cited by 59%, and the limitations of technology, which was an issue for 53%.

Outdated attribution methods remain popular

Last-click and first-click attribution models remain the two most popular methods, although last-click fell from 48% to 44% and first-click dropped from 47% to 39%. But custom models were judged to be the most effective method.

The report said although businesses recognise the weakness of last and first-click models, many still continue to use them. “Companies need to take a more holistic and nuanced approach to attribution so that the role of all touchpoints is understood and appreciated, rather than creating an inherent bias towards engagement either at the start or end of the journey,” it said.

Speaking at the dmexco conference in Germany last month, AdRoll’s VP of marketing Shane Murphy said marketers using last or first-click models were ignoring almost two-thirds of the touchpoint on the customer journey.

The study surveyed 987 marketers across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

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