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85% of marketers describe their ability to measure social selling as below average

More than four-fifths (85%) of B2B marketers struggle to measure social selling, despite the fact 92% have social selling targets in place.

These findings are drawn from a new report, published by B2B Marketing and immediate future, which surveyed 150 marketers to find out the state of social media measurement, social selling and lead generation.

The report also revealed 29% of B2B marketers concede to not using any specific tools to measure social selling. A further third admit confusion over what to measure is the problem.

Jess Pike, senior editor at B2B Marketing, said: “These numbers paint a clear picture: most marketers are enthusiastic about social selling, but are battling against organisation-wide confusion over measurement and a lack of resource.”

Katy Howell, CEO of immediate future, said: “Yes, you need buy-in from the top for that all important investment from the c-suite. But you also need buy-in across the whole organisation.

“Siloed and isolated social media activity is immediately limiting. Share the knowledge, the executions and the reporting across the company. The more your colleagues understand, the easier it is to attribute social to the whole pipeline, from tweet to sale."

What has social media ever done for us?

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