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86% of marketers struggle to secure data for ABM programmes

Access to customer data and insight is the biggest challenge affecting those in ABM, with most marketers using the strategy to win new business rather than grow existing accounts.

The findings from The 2018 account-based marketing censusa survey of over 300 B2B marketers, show that the biggest problem those in ABM face is getting information on their accounts.

The report, published by B2B Marketing in association with Enigma, revealed 51% of marketers are using ABM to win new business, versus only 34% to grow existing accounts. The report suggests this disparity could be the reason behind the lack of information, as new accounts are not known.

The problem could also lie with choosing too many accounts to target, making data and insights an overwhelming challenge at early stages of the journey. The report also cited programme and content execution (65%) and technology (60%) as major challenges, showing the impact difficulty with new technologies such as a CRM system can have on account intelligence.

One-to-one approach gains ground

The census suggested focusing on sales and marketing alignment to enhance ABM proficiency, with results revealing only 1% of teams have all the skills they need.

Despite difficulties, the findings also showed an increase in popularity for the purest forms of ABM, with fewer marketers using one-to-many tactics this year (7%) than the 12 months previously (21%). Some 28% of marketers are using the truest form of the programme, with a one-to-one approach.

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