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96% of enterprise professionals recognise importance of video

A whopping 96% of enterprise professionals across the globe see video as 'somewhat' to 'very' valuable for business, according to a new report from Kaltura

This statistic is validated by consumption levels: 63% of respondents said they spent more time watching work-related videos this year than last year.

The study of 500 professionals in varied roles within an array of industries also found that 42% of businesses have integrated video into social platforms, while a further 45% intend to do so.  

Time investment is also apparent on the production side of video: 53% of respondents spend over 30 minutes a month creating videos, while 18% spend more than 10 hours doing so.

Perhaps the fact that 74% of respondents see their company as encouraging employee-generated content explains this considerable time investment.

Mobile seems to be the preferred route to successful video: 74% cited the ability to search, browse and watch videos on handheld devices as either 'extremely' or 'very' important.

When asked about the components of a good commercial video, 90% of respondents said on-demand video playback for internal use cases is ‘crucial’ or ‘very important’.

Ron Yekutiel, chairman and CEO of Kaltura, commented: “Video helps businesses of all shapes and sizes meet many of their goals more easily because it is such a natural tool for any business activity that requires communication or collaboration.

“Any enterprise that has so far resisted putting in place an enterprise-wide video strategy risks being left behind as their video-fuelled competitors start to pull ahead of the pack.”