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97% of B2B marketers say their messages could be better tailored towards customers and prospects

An overwhelming 97% of B2B marketers see room for improvement in their marketing messages, according to a new report published by B2B Marketing and MarketMakers.

This is emphasised by the fact that over a third of respondent to the survey, carried out in July, admit their sales team ‘often’ interacts with senior decision-makers without having a good understanding of where they are in the funnel.

Similarly, some 43% of respondents say their sales team sometimes interacts with senior decision-makers without having a good understanding of their specific business challenges.

Jess Pike, senior editor of B2B Marketing, commented: “This raises some alarming questions. What kind of impact can your sales team really have if they’re talking to people without knowing what they’re struggling with? How can they be offering a solution if they’re not even sure of the problem?

“In the world of B2B, intelligent segmentation is a no-brainer. More than anything, think of the damage that can be caused by an incorrectly addressed email – for many senior buyers it marks the beginning of the end of their relationship with your company and brand.”

Knowing your customer: The importance of intelligent segmentation in B2B marketing

In a recent project carried out in association with MarketMakers, we surveyed 142 B2B marketers to explore how they view customer insight and determine where there might be room for improvement.


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