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98% of customers want phone numbers on company homepages

Some 98% of customers want businesses to put their contact numbers on their homepages or within one click, according to a new study by Qualtrics.

The research – which aimed to explore customer experience trends across Europe – also found that, by and large, younger customers are most impatient: 35% expect a reply within six hours of contacting a company. 

Perhaps this explains why, according the the study, young customers are also less likely to demonstrate brand loyalty.

Meanwhile, 97% of respondents said it is imperative to be able to trust organisations with personal data, while 70% would go as far as to leave an unresponsive company.

A disconcertingly high 35% said they are unsure if companies are even listening to their views in the first place.

Ian McVey, UK director at Qualtrics, commented: “In a global society conversations are amplified by technology and younger people exercise a disproportionate amount of influence.

“The message to companies is clear: your customer base is undergoing radical behavioural change, and so must you.”