ABM and customer advocacy fundamental to success of fastest-growing tech brands

ABM and customer advocacy are fundamental to the success of high-growth tech brands, according to a new report by B2B Marketing.

The two factors were highlighted alongside three other marketing-related elements – sales and marketing alignment, customer centricity and a strong mission – that are at the core of rapid organic growth within high-growth B2B tech brands.

Five business-related factors were also revealed in the report as fundamental to rapid growth: an exceptional product, a clear vision and strategy, strong leadership, incredible people, and agility and innovation. 

Danielle Howe, reports editor at B2B Marketing, said: “The biggest learning from the report is the fact effective sales and marketing are absolutely fundamental to the long-term success of the vast majority of fast-growing brands in the tech space.

"This is encouraging news for marketers, who have further reason to shout about the impact they can have. The research is quite clear that having an amazing product or being 'disruptive' is not enough."

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