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Adblock Plus slams Facebook for acting 'against user choice'

Adblock Plus has slammed Facebook following its decision to force ads onto users' desktops, even if ad-blocking tools are in place. 

The company called the move 'unfortunate' and accused social media network Facebook of taking a ‘dark path against user choice’.

The criticism was spurred by Facebook’s announcement that ads will begin appearing on user's desktops, even when ad-blocking sofware is installed.

In a blog response, Ben Williams, communications manager at Adblock Plus’s parent company Eyeo GmbH, wrote: “This is an unfortunate move, because it takes a dark path against user choice. If nothing else, all this attention from Facebook shows that ad blocking has finally made the big time.”

According to its LinkedIn page, Adblock Plus seeks to 'encourage better advertising by working with their users to introduce standards for better ads and a certification process for ads that meet these standards'.