Adtech and martech tools most sought after by B2B marketers

Almost 50 per cent of B2B marketers intend to invest in customer insight software in the next year, according to a new report from DataXU.

With 41 per cent of respondents noting their greatest marketing challenge is creating a marketing mix that incorporates multiple channles and drives ROI, the use of such analytical software is regarded as highly advantageous.

The report – which surveyed 500 marketers from major EU and US brands – also found that 23 per cent of respondents feel their teams are under-resourced due to the reliance on multiple marketing platforms and vendors.

Ed Montes, chief revenue officer at DataXU, said: “What’s clear from this study is that globally, marketers are charged with the success of their businesses more than ever before.

“The promise of marketing and advertising technology has created an expectation of improved marketing effectiveness, but to deliver on that promise requires education and partnership around cross-channel optimisation and customer analytics."

He added: “Marketers note a lack of visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing mix as a serious challenge, and there’s only room for improvement in attributing success across a marketing plan.”