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AGENCY AND SUPPLIER NEWS: Office sponsors Genes for Jeans Day

The business event, Office, has chosen to sponsor children's charity, Jeans for Genes in the hope of raising its profile amongst its audience of PAs, executive assistants and office managers.

Office says the sponsorship came about due to the overlap in the charity's audience and the audience it is trying to reach as well as its desire to help a charity. The partnership will be promoted via a webpage on the Office site, PR and newsletters.

The charity will have a stand at the event, due to take place on September 21-22, in order to gain support from attendees. Jeans for Genes says the support it receives from PAs and office managers is invaluable in helping it raise on average £2.5 million each year.

Jeans for Genes Day is on October 1 and will see many office workers donating money in order to dump the suits for a day and don a pair of jeans.