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AGENCY NEWS: Grass Roots targets global market with World Reward Alliance

Grass Roots Group is aiming to increase its penetration into the global channel marketing and motivation markets with the launch of a new worldwide alliance.

The World Reward Alliance is the brainchild of Grass Roots founders David Evans and Rik Burrage, and enables the agency's customers to reach new audiences in South America, the Middle East and Africa, India and parts of the Pacific Rim through agency partners Hinda and BitTime (both of which are based in the USA). A fourth partner covering other Asia Pacific countries will also be selected.

Grass Roots Group currently has offices across Europe, but Nick Wake, head of marketing communications, explains that the agency was previously at a disadvantage when tackling global briefs. “Currently only a small proportion of our customers are in this category, but this alliance will help us grow this.”

Wake says this is part of a trend for global reward management. Local offices will take responsibility for fulfilment and will ensure products and communications accommodate regional tastes and preferences.


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