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AGENCY NEWS: Gyro International launches standalone digital business

 Pollard: The launch "has
been a long time coming"
Gyro International, the UK's largest B2B agency, has announced the launch of Mighty Mouse Digital, a standalone digital business which marks the latest chapter in the agency's rapid global expansion strategy.

The new business employs a 50-strong workforce and offers a breadth of digital services including online marketing services, search engine optimisation, website planning, design and construction, and strategic consultancy. 

Mighty Mouse Digital is one in a line of projects for Gyro, which earlier this year secured more than £50 million worth of investment, from an undisclosed US private equity firm, to plough into a continued programme of acquisitions and global growth. As well as opening several new international offices, the agency is also expected to further diversify its integrated services to include PR and data management in the coming months. Last year, Gyro also made a number of high profile agency acquisitions in a bid to expand its range of vertical markets.

In its new identity, Mighty Mouse Digital will continue to work closely with Gyro International's existing client base on its integrated campaigns as well as offering stand alone digital solutions. Mighty Mouse Digital is already undertaking work for Virgin Atlantic and T-Mobile amongst others. 

Jon Pollard, who has been responsible for developing Gyro's in-house digital capabilities since joining the agency in 2003, takes on the role of head of group operations for Might Mouse Digital. 

"The launch of Mighty Mouse Digital has been a long time coming and is testament to our commitment to digital advances in the marketing arena. There are many advantages in operating our digital services as a separate business to Gyro International, however the primary objective was to ensure all existing and future clients would benefit from a dedicated and specialist service.

"We now have the infrastructure to support us and the resources in place to ensure we can offer an exceptional level of digital expertise," he says.

"The convergence of media within marketing has accelerated at an unprecedented rate. Rather than reacting impulsively, we've bided our time and taken on board all of the feedback we've received from clients. This ensures our digital strategy moving forwards allows us to maximise our skills and expertise to benefit clients and identifies a clear vision for future growth," adds Gary Brine, CEO of Gyro International.

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