AGENCY NEWS: Marketecture publishes the B2B Zeitgeist

B2B marketing communications agency, Marketecture has published its B2B Zeitgeist – an a-z guide of all things hot in B2B marketing.

The book took the Marketecture team six months to put together and covers a range of topics from passing fads, emerging technologies, new B2B tactics and the current key B2B influencers. B2B Zeitgeist will be sent to the agency’s clients and is available to request or download as an ebook.

Speaking about the project, Max Clark, director at Marketecture, said, “It’s helped us to really focus in on the next wave of b2b marketing thinking and practice that we, and all serious marketers, should be immersing themselves in right now.

“The project is as much about us practising what we preach - so much of what we are working on with our clients at the moment is thought leadership driven content - and I suppose this is our very own uber piece of b2b content.”