Almost three-quarters of marketers feel data inhibits their creativity

A shocking 72% of marketers feel working with data is negatively affecting the creative aspects of their role, according to research from Callcredit Information Group.

Also worrying is that although 80% of survey respondents are increasing their time working with data, a huge 71% feel overwhelmed by it rather than empowered.

A likely explanation for this is the fact only 29% of marketers believe they have the necessary skills to analyse data, although positively, 44% plan to invest in further training over the next two years.

With marketers ever-eager to stay ahead of the data curve, 82% of respondents predicted digital intelligence will be the new industry battlefield.

Steve McNicholas, MD, marketing solutions, Callcredit Information Group, commented: “Despite the fact marketers are overwhelmingly accepting data as an integral part of marketing, our research shows many feel more can be done.

“The advantage data gives businesses is not driven by how much they can collect, but rather how effectively it can drive insight, and greater revenues. The challenge for marketers is to manage the sheer amount of information available, and to translate that data into meaningful insight for their business.”