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The onset of the new year has sparked predictions from industry professionals about what will be hitting the headlines in 2008. From mobile marketing to wikinomics, everyone has a theory about what will be the next big thing in B2B. Time will tell how accurate these claims are, but Web TV certainly looks set to live up to the hype, with giants including Deloitte and BT Business already planning to use it as a more substantial part of their marketing collateral over the next 12 months.


B2B brands are discovering that Web TV can be used to captivate audiences that blogs and podcasts struggle to reach, particularly senior decision makers. Company CEOs and MDs often have limited time available and are looking for short, direct communications that will give them the essence of the message without going into full detail. Blogs and podcasts are cheap, can be used on a daily basis and are good for contacting a wider audience who have more time to listen to a marketing message, but often fail to reach much further than this.

Jumping on the bandwagon

In January, Deloitte announced that Web TV will be a key focal point for it in 2008 as it seeks to build stronger relationships with clients, bolster recruitment opportunities and communicate with new business prospects. Sharon Bennett, head of online solutions at Deloitte, says, “We currently have a good library of podcasts and audiocasts which we want to take to the next level. We want to use video to demonstrate our breadth of understanding in the market so that we're not just seen as auditors.”

Meanwhile, BT has created the Insights programme; a dedicated resource centre that features online presentations and live web seminars covering topics such as 'Essential facts on business continuity' and 'Securing customers in the digital networked economy'. It is aimed at the UK SME market and demonstrates how Web TV can be used effectively as part of an integrated strategy alongside online reports, downloadable white papers and a digital e-zine.

Perfect partner

BroadView is providing Web TV services to brands including Land Securities and the ACCA. MCDof BroadView, Stuart Maister, says, “The use of Web TV in the B2B marketplace has accelerated quickly over the last three years. With fast, reliable broadband connections now commonplace in the office environment, businesses are really starting to see the benefits of using TV as a marketing tool as a natural extension of blogging and social networking sites.”

Maister believes that for businesses to get true value out of Web TV, it is crucial to remember that it must not be used as a standalone tool or for users to think of it as a replacement for other forms of communication. “It is far more effective when integrated into a larger overall customer engagement journey. Web TV creates an easy point-of-entry and can be used to generate interest in blogs and podcasts. Companies must approach it strategically and TV must play up to its strengths as part of a wider overall strategy,” he continues.

BroadView predicts that as well as the overall Web TV market doubling in the next year, syndicating content on third party websites will also take off. It claims that syndicating content gives its clients greater marketing visibility and offers websites better programming and added value for its visitors.

Maister adds, “Any business will find value in showcasing products and services to create interactivity – business buyers want to see media rich quality on vendors' sites, and people often judge a brand's message by the quality of the delivery.”


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