APPOINTMENT NEWS: CIM appoints B2B marketer as chairman

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has named Andrew Harvey as its new chairman. He suceeds Chris Lenton who will remain as a trustee.

Speaking to B2B Marketing about his priorities for 2012 Harvey said, “The CIM faces a challenge to ensure we stay relevant to all our members. The CIM has a great history but the way marketers worked even two years ago has changed, we need to make sure we’re attractive to member and non members.”

When asked if the CIM would be implementing any specific B2B initiatives Harvey was insistent that it already catered for the B2B market in the form of its market interest groups that operate on a local level. He said, “We don’t get any sense that the CIM sees itself as specifically B2C, some of what we do is B2C and some is B2B.”

At this point in time there are no specific B2B initiatives or industry reports being produced, although Harvey did say the CIM’s next report would be ‘Marketing and the law’.

Harvey has been a member of the board since 2007 and is the business development and communications director at law firm Dickinson Dees.