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B2B CMOs spending more on brand experience

More than a quarter of B2B CMOs set aside up to half their marketing budget for brand experience, according to a survey.

A report by Freeman found marketers are putting more emphasis on brand experience, which it defines as the art of bringing brands to life by designing a sensory experience that creates a lasting and meaningful relationship between the brand and an individual.

The poll found websites were the primary channel to drive brand experience (58%), followed by social media (57%) and email marketing (51%). Some 59% of CMOs said brand experience was a great way to create ongoing relationships with key audiences.

Chris Cavanaugh, CMO at Freeman, said: “Steep competition, changing demographics and more sophisticated audiences mean now, more than ever, marketers need new approaches. The right brand experiences have the power to evolve brands, build relationships and inspire action.”

To spend investment in brand experience wisely, the report suggested starting with a strategy: know your audience; develop a portfolio plan and invest in measurement.

The survey canvassed more than 1000 marketers in both B2B and B2C in North America, Western Europe and Asia.

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