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B2B email opt-in biggest concern over new e-privacy regulation

The potential requirement for B2B customers to opt in to emails is marketers' biggest concern around new e-privacy regulation, according to the DMA.

The survey of 305 marketers found more than a third (34%) highlighted B2B opt-in as their biggest concern of the impending revision to the rules that govern electronic communications. This was followed by 26% that cited consent for cookies and 24% that were worried about a telemarketing opt-in.

A new European e-privacy directive was expected to be introduced at the same time as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but it was postponed and there is no current estimate on when the final text of the directive will either be published or come into force.

Gaps in GDPR training

The research also found more than a quarter of marketers said they had received no specific training for GDPR. And while 72% said they had been trained, 46% said they wanted more training to feel confident.

And despite the publicity that has accompanied GDPR’s implementation on 25 May, some 7% have still not implemented a compliance plan, and 5%  have no plan to update their privacy policy.

But the proportion of marketers that believe GDPR will have no financial impact on their organisation has risen from 19% in November 2017 to 28% now.

8 steps to post-GDPR marketing success

GDPR expert Andy Grant will illustrate the parallels of matching GDPR compliance with an increased focus on inbound marketing, coupled with the importance of delivering a consistent content management strategy.

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