B2B marketers failing at data segmentation, research finds

Almost half of B2B marketers are not using their data to create customer profiles and personas, according to research from B2B Marketing and Avention OneSource Solutions.

The report, Can marketers see what’s coming next?, revealed only 54 per cent of marketers actively implement their data when creating customer profiles.

Also worrying is the fact only 36 per cent of respondents currently segment their customer database on propensity to purchase.

The fact that many companies aren’t using their customer data to inform their marketing strategies suggests B2B marketers are still struggling to use customer data to its fullest potential.

Richard Whale, head of marketing, international, Avention OneSource Solutions, commented: "These results show marketers still rely on a view of their customers and markets that’s based on internal, historical data.

"In our experience, it’s not that marketers don’t want to introduce more sophisticated, predictive segmentation, but rather they don’t have access to the right data to make these decisions. This goes to the heart of the data challenge that organisations face today."

This report explores the readiness of B2B marketers and their organisations to embrace the power of predictive insights, both in terms of practical matters such as data cleanliness, budget and organisational barriers, and in terms of the mindset shift needed for marketing to be more proactive.

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Can marketers see what's coming next?