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B2B marketers lack confidence in content marketing effectiveness

Only a quarter of B2B marketers think their company's content marketing approach is ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ successful, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute.

In its annual Content Marketing Benchmarks Budgets and Trends – North America report, the CMI revealed more than half (53%) of respondents ranked the success of their content marketing approach as ‘moderately successful’.

Additionally, only 9% of companies described their content marketing maturity level as sophisticated.

Some 31% described their maturity level as ‘adolescent’, with a further quarter describing their content marketing sophistication as ‘young’.

More encouragingly, 63% of marketers said their company's overall content marketing approach is more successful that one year ago, while almost three-quarters agreed their employers value creativity and craft when it comes to content creation.

And interestingly, 80% of B2B marketers are focused on building audiences to drive this content – compared with 92% of top performers.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the CMI, commented: “B2B marketers are focused on building audiences more than ever before and if we’re going to make this jump from content as a service to marketing to content as a business model, we’ve got to focus more and more on building audiences.”

Separate research from B2B Marketing and Tomorow People revealed many marketers believe the content they produce isn't as varied or comprehensive as that produced by industry rivals.

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