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B2B marketers top objectives for 2014 revealed

B2B marketers' top objective for 2014 is generating leads (selected by 41 per cent of respondents), followed by driving sales (27 per cent) and improving brand awareness (17 per cent), according to a new ‘2014 state of digital marketing’ infographic published by Webmarketing123.

Meanwhile, their biggest challenge this year will be generating enough leads (21 per cent), followed by producing enough quality content (19 per cent) and converting leads to customers (18 per cent).

Marketing departments are also still struggling with ROI. Some 26 per cent of marketers still don’t know which channels deliver the best leads and 33 per cent don’t know which channel generates the most revenue.

Despite the increasing importance of digital marketing, marketing departments only spend 27 per cent of their budget on online marketing, whereas 75 per cent is spent on offline marketing campaigns. This may be because B2B marketers still find it difficult to generate leads online: only one in five B2B have generated revenue from social media

The infographic also reveals 73 per cent of marketers plan to spend more on mobile and 63 per cent plan to spend more on content marketing.


2014 State of Digital Marketing – An infographic by the team at Webmarketing123