B2B marketers work 20% more hours than their contracts demand

Marketers are commonly working far more than they are contracted to, according to B2B Marketing’s first ever Salary Survey

The groundbreaking study of salaries and working conditions in B2B marketing found that, on average, marketers work 20 per cent more hours per week than their contract requires. 

The average full-time employee is contracted to work 37 hours a week, yet actually finds themselves working 44 hours per week.

This dedication to their roles comes on the back of last year's findings that half of UK marketers browse their work emails before work, after work and over the weekend, compared to just 28 per cent of general office professionals.  

Will Green, features editor at B2B Marketing, said: “Clearly, marketers are a dedicated bunch who aren't afraid of putting the hours in. The key thing though is not quantity, but quality.

"If all those extra hours are contributing to the business, that's great. But it could also mean marketers are doing too much and need to refocus their efforts to make sure they're maximising their impact."

B2B Marketing's Salary Survey 2016-17 is a groundbreaking piece of research, placing B2B marketing salaries under the spotlight. The report compares salaries according to job role, gender and industry, and examines the B2B job market. The report is available for free to premium members, and can be purchased by non-members. 

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