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B2B Marketing launches programme to enable teams in account-based marketing

Responding to market frustrations and demand, B2B Marketing is proud to launch its ABM team enablement programme, ABM Head-Start.

B2B Marketing’s new offering, ABM Head-Start, has been fine-tuned to support B2B marketers in initiating, stabilising or up-scaling their account based marketing efforts.

Joel Harrison, co-founder and editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing said: “We’re lucky to be in a market position that allows us to directly understand the challenges and opportunities ABM presents to marketers. We hear daily about the pain points of implementation and the techniques used to work through them. This is why we’ve teamed with world-class ABM experts to deliver a solution.”

The in-company team offering delivers a tailored blend of diagnostics, training and peer-to-peer learning, which are geared to hone skills and delivery of account-based marketing.

This includes a health check, support materials, roundtable meetings, monthly catch-up calls and tailored training.

Collaborate for shared success

Speaking about the benefits ABM, strategic marketing consultant and agency founder, Andy Bacon, who is B2B Marketing’s expert for the project, said: “ABM requires unequivocal business alignment behind the strategy. However, the magical opportunity that ABM presents is a powerful catalyst for a new kind of sales and marketing 'interlock': a shared strategy that enables collaboration for shared success.”

He added: “Your need to mitigate all risk of failure can’t be underestimated. Stakeholder confidence in your programme must be maintained to ensure the business trusts your ABM strategy is both repeatable and sustainable over the long term.”

In conjunction with the launch of its ABM advisory service, and as a taster of its offering, B2B Marketing has revealed its ABM Maturity Index, an effective model that allows marketers to benchmark where they are in each stage ABM implementation.

ABM Head-Start

Not quite sure how to take the next step on your ABM journey?

Our ABM Head-Start advisers are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and see what advice we have to offer.

Turn your first steps into strides

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