B2B outspends B2C on marketing analytics

B2B marketers outspend their B2C counterparts on marketing analytics at 45% versus 26%, according to Gartner’s Data-Driven Marketing survey.

Entering the Gartner ‘hype cycle’ – a graph which represents the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies – for the first time this year are ad blocking and predictive B2B analytics.

According to the survey, real-time marketing techniques, personalisation and the rapid convergence of martech and adtech are the key forces driving the future of data-centric marketing.

However, personalisation is still a major painpoint with the study ranking it among the top three challenges facing multichannel marketers today.

Due to the prevalence of account-based marketing, predictive segmentation and demand generation technologies also experienced a huge rise in popularity.  

The Gartner report continues to highlight how marketers are synchronising martech and adtech strategies to deliver the best CX, with a marked emphasis on measurability.

According to separate research, UK businesses are predicted to increase marketing analytics spend by 26% over the next three years, despite Dun & Bradstreet research suggesting B2B data quality has declined since 2016.