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Barclaycard's ecommerce campaign shows human side of technology

Barclaycard's latest marketing campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the bank’s ecommerce offerings, has led to a 47 per cent increase in weekly engagement.

Called ‘People included’, the campaign comprised a multi-channel strategy incorporating video, social media, PR, print and out-of-home advertising at London Underground stations and on Tube trains.

The bank exclusively targeted its business customers, with a big focus on the human side of technology.

Its campaign featured a dedicated landing page, where users could view video interviews with industry experts and read editorial content on the real-life experiences of Barclaycard’s customers.

As well as a 47 per cent rise in weekly engagement on its ecommerce product page, the campaign launch video generated over 300,000 views.

Alex Naylor, head of marketing communications, planning and development at Barclaycard, said: “We know that ecommerce can be daunting for businesses to break into, and smart technological solutions alone are not enough. What our customers really need are smart people to help them decide when and how to adopt new, innovative payment technology in a way that works for their business.

“Our latest marketing activity was developed to raise greater awareness of what our ecommerce teams have been doing for years: helping UK businesses to sell to their customers. With our new integrated campaign, Barclaycard emphasises that our customers don’t just get an ecommerce payment solution – they also get ‘People Included’.”

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