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Bombora and LiveRamp partner to reach SME audience

LiveRamp and Bombora have teamed up to release a product aimed at helping businesses target small and medium businesses.

The tool – inspired by ABM strategy – combines Bombora’s data expertise with LiveRamp’s identity resolution, to give businesses intent signals on their SME prospects.

Bombora currently has a reach of around 7.5 million SMEs. It classes an SME as a business with up to 100 employees. Currently those in the UK and the US are able to access these audiences – which are IP based – but the company plans to launch access in other markets in the forthcoming months.

Pieter De Temmerman, chief operating officer at LiveRamp, said that SMEs were historically challenging to segment and target. “By partnering with Bombora, we can now empower B2B marketers to focus their efforts on companies more likely to complete the purchase process.”

Bob Ray, global CEO at DWA, expressed support for the partnership. “Knowing that reaching SMEs digitally and at scale is traditionally difficult, we set out to find a new approach that would give our clients a data solution that provides the accuracy and high reach desired. In looking for this innovative approach, we leveraged Bombora and LiveRamp’s B2B innovative SME segment, targeting SME IP addresses, and found cases where third-party audiences became much more efficient.”

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