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BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Arjowiggins extends eco campaign

Paper manufacturer Arjowiggins is showcasing its ‘green’ credentials by demonstrating the savings businesses can make by choosing to print on its papers.

The ‘It feels good wheel’ allows designers, printers and businesses to easily understand the savings from using recycled papers - when the wheel is turned, different examples of savings are highlighted.

The wheel is an extension of Arjowiggins’ ‘It feels good’ campaign, launched last October. Over 8000 wheels have been produced and will be distributed through communication distributer Antalis McNaughton.

Speaking about the campaign Shannan Hodgson, corporate affairs manager at Arjowiggins Graphic said, “This handy tool helps our customers to quickly understand the savings that they could make by choosing to print on recycled papers. Not only that but it furthers the messaging from the ‘it feels good’ campaign, which highlights the wider positive effects on a business that printing on recycled papers can have.”