BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: B2B Contact Marketing uses telemarketing to give back

Telemarketing company, B2B Contact Marketing has launched a new campaign offering its expertise to help charities.

Through the long-term initiative, named ‘1 day 2 make a difference’, B2B Contact Marketing will help four different charities across the year, by offering 24 hours worth of free telemarketing.

The company’s first charity partner is Working Chance, an organisation that helps women offenders find voluntary and paid work. The B2B Contact Marketing team managed to update the charity’s target employers’ database, establish first contact with several potentially-interested organisations, and secure at least one face-to-face appointment with a potential employer.

Commenting on the initiative, Claire Howe from Working Chance said, “We normally conduct these calls in-house, but with limited staff resources it is a constant battle to schedule the dedicated time it requires. B2B Contact Marketing has relieved that pressure and exceeded our expectations. They really took the time to understand our organisation, and we had full confidence that they would represent us in the best possible light.”

Stella Jones, founder at B2B Contact Marketing, said, “We are a hard working team that cares about the society we live in. We have many years of telemarketing experience and decided to put our skills to good use and really ‘make a difference’. The team are looking forward to voting on who our next charity partner should be.”

The company has invited charities to apply online - explaining how they think telemarketing would make a difference for them - in order to help those who would benefit the most.