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BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Epson launches international 3D campaign

Epson has launched an international brand building campaign featuring video and 3D animation.

The campaign, created by communications agency Purpose, is designed to achieve visual cut-through while demonstrating the benefits of inkjet printers over laser printers. The video adverts feature Epson business inkjet printers changing from one object to demonstrate the way the inkjet printing market is changing.

The B2B campaign launched in the UK in October and will see a Pan European and Middle East roll out across 25 Epson markets. Press advertising and point of sale promotion will support the campaign.

Ranzie Anthony, creative director at Purpose, said, “We knew we wanted to find a visually arresting way to cut through the many messages that audiences are often bombarded with online.

“This B2B campaign uses a highly visual aesthetic, providing as much information as possible in expandable rich media formats, reducing the need for business audiences to leave the websites that they are visiting.”