BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Lenovo goes on a road-trip to promote education services

IT specialist, Lenovo has launched a pan-European roadshow marketing campaign addressing the education sector.

Designed by marketing roadshow expert, Event Marketing Solutions (EMS), the new Lenovo campaign - the first vehicle-based marketing initiative for the IT brand – aims to provide customers with a direct experience of its products and services for the education sector.

The campaign, aimed at decision makers in higher education and enterprises, is powered by a dedicated mobile lab which can be tailored with multilingual branding and individualised products for each country touched in the tour.

Marie de Beaufort, relationship marketing manager for Western Europe at Lenovo, said, “This powerful marketing tool will help us to visibly promote our brand and communicate face-to-face and more importantly allow European customers to feel, touch and understand who we are. EMS has delivered an innovative interior that truly conveys the vibrancy and attractiveness of our product range.”

Justin Isles, client services director at EMS, commented, “Lenovo, like other leading brand, recognise the power of taking products direct to customers - and this innovative campaign, tailored to meet the needs of each country, shows that language is no barrier when it comes to roadshow marketing.”

Lenovo’s 13-week tour kicked off in Denmark on April 1 and from there is due to visit Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.