BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Life Technologies launches international digital campaign

Biotechnology tools company Life Technologies has launched an international digital campaign to match its audience’s media consumption habits.

After discovering its audience of scientific research professionals spent time online while waiting for their experiments to finish, Life Technologies opted to use online advertising, email, social media and video in its latest campaign.

The international marketing campaign will be rolled out across the EMEA region with the aim of promoting the company’s benchtop devices. Messaging is based around the tag line, ‘simple solutions to everyday complexities’.

Fabienne Grimaldi from Life Technologies, said, “In today’s day and age, multi-channel campaigns such as this are vital to reaching the customers that you want to attract. Being in the scientific sector, we are very aware of the power of emerging technologies and trends; and felt that the best way to market our benchtop devices and convey our ‘simple’ message would be through a campaign that crosses over to incorporate online and digital content.

“We tailored the campaign to our key audience’s habits. We know that our target group has a very high affinity to new media, that they spend time online whilst waiting for their experiments to finish and they love to share this kind of entertaining information.”