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BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Oxfam calls businesses to help tackle food crisis

Oxfam has launched a new global campaign calling for businesses to help fight the worldwide food crisis.

With a brand identity created by Wolff Olins, the global ‘Grow’ campaign will run for four years in 45 countries. Designed to support Oxfam's 'Growing a better future' strategy, it engages businesses and international governments in reforming the global food market.

In the UK, Oxfam worked in collaboration with agency RKCR/Y&R to develope ‘The System’s bust’ creative, tailored to British business. Businesses are encouraged to take sustainable actions, such as tackling climate change, curbing volatile and excessive food price rises, ending land grabs and stopping the drive for biofuels.

The campaign began with the debut of a film created by fashion photographer Rankin –hosted on YouTube. It is being rolled out through print and above the line advertising. Agency Dig For Fire supported Oxfam with the online outreach.

High -profile backers include former president of Brazil, archbishop Emeritus Tutu Lula, and actress Scarlett Johansson.