BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Thinkbox brings Harvey back in B2B TV ad

Thinkbox, the marketing body for UK commercial TV, has announced the return of Harvey, the dog turned star from its previous ad campaign, promoting the power of television advertising.

The new advert, ‘Harvey and rabbit’ will be broadcast from today and sees Harvey using TV advertising to change the behaviour of his owners.

Harvey’s owner tries to throw away his long time companion, a slobber covered toy rabbit when upon viewing Harvey’s emotional story on TV he can’t help but change his mind.

If the campaigns themselves aren’t enough to convince businesses to include television advertising in the mix, perhaps their success will be. The first Harvey advert was voted Ad of the Year 2010 by ITV1 viewers.

Speaking about the success of the ‘Harvey’ campaign, Andrew MacGillivary, marketing director at Thinkbox said, “Our TV ads have been loved by the public but have also proved to be our most effective B2B communication with marketers. The first Harvey ad is a lot to live up to as it really struck a chord with people, but we hope this one will be just as well received. It’s great to bring Harvey back to TV.”

The advert, created by The Red Brick Road and directed by Si & Ad, will air for approximately six weeks on channels owned or represented by Thinkbox’s shareholders. Thinkbox’s shareholders are Channel 4, ITV, Sky Media, Turner Media Innovations and UKTV.

View the 'Harvey and rabbit' advert