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BRAND CAMPAIGN NEWS: Total Gas & Power target create 'Bills' for SMEs

Total Gas & Power has launched an integrated campaign designed to challenge the way SMEs think of gas and power suppliers.

The campaign, created by IAS B2B Marketing, will run across email, pay per click and as a DM. The creative is centred around ‘Business-minded Bill’ – a character designed to show SMEs that switching suppliers can be beneficial. Big Bill, Shifty Bill and Lazy Bill have been created to sit alongside ‘Business-minded Bill’ and be the antithesis.

Speaking about the campaign Reuben Webb, creative director at IAS,said,"By playing the Bills off against each other, the Business-Minded Bill concept visually establishes a clear point of difference."

Sarah Povey, marketing manager at Total Gas & Power commented,"The engaging Business-Minded Bill concept not only captured the minds of the SME market, but engaged with internal stakeholders, giving our SME campaign the focus it required."