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BRAND NEWS: Captive Minds launches TV channel

Content marketing agency Captive Minds has launched a TV channel to maximise awareness and interest around 19 year old Parker Liautaud's attempt to set a new world speed record for a journey from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.

Meanwhile, global risk advisors and insurance broker Willis Group are sponsoring the expedition. The brand uses science and analytics to help clients mitigate the range of challenges they face and build safeguards against such risks, facing similar challenges in extreme polar conditions as Parker Liautaud. 

Willis Resilience Expedition TV will broadcast live from its website and on the company’s YouTube channel. The project will consist of 16 one-hour episodes. Aired live at 8.30am, the show will be presented by Dan Lobb. The magazine-style format is a mix of reporter-led environmental news stories, news analyses, live updates and studio debates involving leading climate scientists, environmentalists and government figures.

The content will be re-versioned for US transmission and streamed to Willis' media partners across the globe. EMC’s ‘big data’ visualisations will be used to engage the public in a better understanding of the science behind climate change and its potential impact upon society.

To set a new world record, Parker Liautaud must average around 18 miles a day for 22 days or less, facing temperatures between -28°C and -60°C while towing his 82kg equipment and supply sled. If successful, he’ll become the youngest man ever to accomplish the feat.

While on the trip, Parker will also spearhead a new study into climate change. He will take frequent snow samples at varying depths, enabling scientists to examine records in an area uncharted since the 1970s. Plus, he will also carry an innovative, lightweight weather station – capable of relaying meteorological data every 30 minutes.

Simon Greenwood, series producer for Willis Resilience Expedition TV at Captive Minds,commented: “I am thrilled by the opportunity to examine climate change properly and we are indebted to Willis, for having the ambition to make this happen. It hasn’t been easy building a large, fully soundproofed studio to operate in a working reception area with all the usual comings and goings. The whole team – including presenter Dan Lobb – has been hand-picked for a task that will require cool, calm heads.

“For so important a subject, we are determined to express the issues well, using grown-up balanced debate with the right people.”