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BRAND NEWS: EIZO launches animated Christmas message

UK division of the specialist monitor manufacturer EIZO has released an animated Christmas message designed to promote the EIZO range of ColorEdge while promoting Christmas cheer.

Created by Selfridges ‘Bright young things’ animation designer Katy Beveridge, the 40 second fully animated film has been launched on EIZO Global’s YouTube and Facebook pages.The video targets photographers and graphic professionals and  will be sent out to prospects and current customers.

The ad features a paper-like bird flying over a dark winter landscape magically lighting up each location it visits.

Colin Woodley, business manager of EIZO, says: “We met Katy in 2012 and decided then that she was someone we wanted to work with to help tie our two industries together. As a young animator starting out in the industry she has the spark, the expertise and imagination to show the world what our monitors can achieve. Using an EIZO CG246W as part of her studio set up, Katy was able to use her incredible skills to create this beautiful bird and amazing scenery, helping to create our seasonal message. It is only at the end of the film you realise how small the actual set is, and how much detail has gone into the production.”

Meanwhile, Katy Beveridge adds: "The inspiration for the EIZO Christmas animation, initially came from early Russian Stop-Motion animation films which used built models and small scale sets. I often find inspiration from the rich and diverse history of the animation industry which extends far beyond the more popular cell, or drawn animation. 

“Having access to the best equipment allows me to really experiment with these techniques. Working on a small scale it is essential to have a monitor that will show my real time playback in high definition and in true colour. Working with EIZO to create this animated film has been an incredibly exciting opportunity. Their ongoing support for the creative arts, and young designers like myself is absolutely essential in our industry."